The South African Rand (ZAR) is the official currency of South Africa. It is not necessary to exchange all your US Dollars upon arrival in SA, although we suggest you exchange a small sum ($200 or less) for purchases of a personal nature. This exchange can be done upon your arrival at the airport, or alternatively at various banks. VISA, Mastercard and American Express is generally accepted at bars, restaurants and hotels in SA.


Most cellphones that operate on a 2G, 3G or 4G network will connect with network service in the airports and major cities and towns in South Africa, enabling you to make and receive calls and text messages.

We suggest contacting your cellular service provider to discuss options for international roaming and data plans well in advance of your departure.


All riders must be in possession of a valid South African or international rider’s license, valid for the class of motorcycle to be rented. Licenses are to be produced prior to the handover of the motorcycle. All riders are to be at least 25 years of age, or contact us directly for special requests involving younger riders.


In the event of a fall, collision or damage, however minor, you will be required to complete the Insurance Claim Form overleaf. Please note that MER have a strict replacement policy on all damaged parts, irrespective of how minor any damage may be. Any scratched, dented and damaged parts will be replaced at the current dealer part retail price plus labour. An administration fee for any claim or damage repair will be charged at R 350.00. All accidents, however minor are to be reported to the local police. Please obtain a case number which must be detailed on the Insurance claim form overleaf. Failure to do so will result in your claim being repudiated. No damaged parts will be retained or forwarded to the renter.


The renter will be fully liable for any damage to the vehicle or third party vehicle in the following circumstances:

  • Water damage/water submersion (including salt water)
  • Willful damage – any damage caused as a result of negligence. Willful damage includes but is not limited to:
    • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
    • Driving on restricted roads or in restricted areas
    • Damaging the clutch or gearbox due to incorrect use of the clutch/gearbox (see full terms and conditions)
    • Seizing an engine due to low oil level or incorrect use of vehicle or supplements (see full terms and conditions)

Casual clothing is acceptable in most South African venues. Summers are characterized by casual shorts and shirts which are substituted in the winter by trousers or jeans and a jacket or pullover.


An array of hotels of varying quality are available throughout Southern Africa. Bed and breakfast establishments and guesthouses are very popular and are available from budget to luxury tastes. The “African Experience” can also be enjoyed at many varying levels of luxury at the numerous establishments within and bordering our many nature reserves.


We will send you a link with the invoice details. Use your PayPal account to settle the invoice. Once we receive confirmation of the payment we will send you a proof of payment receipt.


The use of our Wifi is included in your daily fee – you will be able to send and receive emails and access the World Wide Web. We encourage you to bring your Wifi enabled devices to share photos and notes with friends and family back home. Please note that the internet speed here is possibly a bit slower than what you are used to, so we advise against the sending or downloading of large files.


Any trips to countries beyond the borders of South Africa require prior authorization from Motorrad Executive Rentals. Cross border travel will also attract additional excess liability – see the price list for details on the model you requested and the applicable increased cross border excess.


Southern African countries drive on the LEFT HAND SIDE of the road. Road quality is generally excellent in most of Southern Africa; however, potholed sections may be encountered in certain rural areas.


If  the rental motorcycle or vehicle is involved in an accident, no refunds for early termination of the contract will apply.  Should you require a replacement vehicle (if available) a new rental contract and conditions will apply. You will be responsible for the recovery of the damaged vehicle to the original rental depot in accordance with your rental contract. If you require a replacement vehicle to be delivered, the charges for the delivery of the replacement vehicle will be for your account. No refund of rental days lost will be considered during the period in which a replacement vehicle is being delivered. Should there be no replacement vehicle available, no refund will be considered.


Medical cover is recommended. Please consult your service provider for options in Southern Africa


Fuel in South Africa currently fluctuates between R11.50 and R12.50 per liter. Fuel in other countries may vary from about R11.00 in Botswana to R18.00 in other remote areas.


We accept 3 methods of payment:

1. Wire transfer / direct deposit

2. Online credit card transaction

3. PayPal payments


In the unfortunate event that you need to cancel your booking the following cancellation fees apply :  

  • Cancellation more than 30 days in advance of rental – 25% of the total invoice
  • Cancellation more than 14 less than 30 days of rental – 50% of the total invoice
  • Cancellation more than 7 less than 14 days of rental  – 75% of the total invoice
  • Cancellation less than 7 days in advance of rental – 100% of the total invoice

We generally do not tour near any Malaria areas. It is therefore of no concern and no precautions are necessary.

It would, however, be wise to consult a medical practitioner if you are planning on visiting Malaria areas (including Mapungubwe and Kruger National Parks) during your stay in SA.

The highest risk period is between December and April which is the end of the rainy season. Visitors wishing to take prophylactics should consult a knowledgeable medical practitioner or recognized travel clinic about recommended medication.


Our water is completely safe to drink from the tap. We also have more than enough bottled spring water if you’d prefer not drinking the tap water.


Climatic conditions in Southern Africa are generally warm, but we do recommend that full rider gear is worn at all times. Owing to the very personal nature of this gear, riders are urged to bring their own gear with them. A limited number of helmets, gloves and jackets are available on request.

Don’t get lost – rent a Garmin GPS from us and make sure you arrive at your destination without delay.


Motorcycle insurance cover is included in all rates quoted on our standard rate chart. A deposit will be required (held by means of a credit card authorization) on every rental. For cross border travel this deposit is normally double the standard amount. Please notify your bank beforehand that you will be traveling abroad in order to avoid any delays on the day of your rental. Pannier use as well as any other accessories will attract an additional deposit and is not covered as part of the standard insurance cover. Deposits will be refunded once the motorcycle has been cleaned and inspected on return. Kindly note that our insurance covers the motorcycle and does not constitute personal travel insurance. We strongly recommend that you take out personal travel insurance as well as insurance cover relating to the excess amount, should you be liable for the insurance excess amount.


All BMW models run on unleaded 95 octane fuel. Top up oil for all models is 15W-40 multigrade oil and is available at all fuel stations within South Africa and most of our neighboring countries. In remote areas outside of South Africa, fueling may occasionally be a problem, but information from the local residents, or passing over landers should alert you to the availability of fuel in these areas.

All motorcycles will be handed over with a full tank. You will need to fill the tank with 93RON or 95RON Unleaded fuel on your journey. Please return your rental motorcycle with a full tank. Failure to do so will result in an amount of R 150.00 (plus the cost of the fuel filled) being charged to your credit card. The oil level of the rented vehicle should be checked regularly and engine failure due to low oil levels will constitute negligent behavior on the part of the renter. Please top-up all motorcycles with a 20W50 mineral oil (available at all petrol stations in Southern Africa).


Weather conditions in Southern Africa are generally warm and comfortable. Summers can be very warm with temperatures in the mid 30 degrees Celsius – well ventilated gear is recommended for these conditions. Winters can be quite cool, but riding between 09h00 and 16h00 on even the coldest days in moderate winter gear is still very pleasant. Rainfall in the interior is generally in the form of short thunderstorms in the late afternoons, however coastal areas sometimes experience frontal rain for longer periods. Detailed forecasts on current weather conditions can be viewed at and


We are able to set up a online credit card payment facility to settle your payment.


You will be responsible for any traffic prosecutions whilst the motorcycle is in your possession. All traffic fines received via postal service after your rental, will be paid on your behalf by Motorrad Executive Rentals and directly charged to your credit card. A handling fee of R 250.00 will be levied per fine.